5 reasons why you are Meghna from Colors’ Ek Shringar Swabhimaan

Though the characters that we see on the tube are fictional but more often than not, they are relatable.
Rajshri Productions’ popular daily Ek Shringar Swabhimaan that airs on Colors, is winning hearts with its interesting storyline and stellar cast.
The female protagonist Meghna (Sangeita Chauhaan) is one lady with whom most of us can totally relate to. She has different qualities and different shades that make her quite an identifiable character.
Here we list down some of her key qualities for you to check if you can totally relate yourself to Meghna from Ek Shringar Swabhimaan. Read on –
A complete family girl – Meghna is a perfect example of a complete family girl. She has a good understanding of relationships and values them. She has proved to be a good daughter, a loving sister, a loving wife and a responsible daughter in law.
Strong and independent – Being strong and independent defines Meghna so well and these are her key qualities. No matter how hard the situation gets, she always manages to stay strong and face the situation. Meghna also defines a girl of today’s times who loves to be known as an independent one. Having acquired good education, she is independent without the support of anyone and the recent episodes of the daily perfectly justified the part.
Intelligent – Meghna is intelligent which makes her a studious student when she was studying. Not just in studies but the way she handles every situation with her intelligence is quite commendable.
Can’t tolerate injustice – She is always ready to fight for the right! Be it for her mom (Prachee Shah Pandya), her mother in law (Shweta Mahadik) and now her sister in law (Aashika Bhatia), she has always stood with them to fight against the injustice.
Last but not least, a lady whose self esteem means everything to her – Meghna completely justifies the title and the theme of the show. She can never compromise her self esteem at any cost. Many a times we have seen her confronting her loved ones as well for not compromising with their self esteem no matter what!
Which of these key qualities of Meghna do you guys acquire?

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