5 things that Ankita Bhargava learnt being married

It is really adorable when TV celebs fall in love and eventually get married for life, isn’t it?
Two years ago, love bloomed between the popular actress Ankita Bhargava and actor Karan Patel and they decided to turn their love into an eternal bond. They got married two years back on 3 May 2015.
And today, on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary, spoke to Ankita about five things she learnt after getting married.
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“Marriage is a gamble, if you are happy with your spouse, you’ve hit jack pot. If not, you’re doing it wrong,” she says.
So, what are the five things Ankita learnt about marriage?
It is pointless if only one partner is working towards a successful marriage. Both have to be on the same page about the concept.
If one falters, the other has to support and pull him/her up. Sticking together in sickness and health is the deal, always remember that.

It is absolutely okay to have arguments. Giving each other space and time after fights is important. Time heals and also puts sense in your system.
You need to let your partner grow as an individual. It isn’t compulsory to do everything together.

And lastly, you need to give each other respect in order to grow together.
Seems like the best tips to follow in a relationship, don’t they?
We wish Ankita and Karan a continued happy married life! And Happy Anniversary guys…make the most of the day as you celebrate in Greece!!

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