A good mental health can do wonders: Aishwarya Sharma

“Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein” actress Aishwarya Sharma feels mental health is as important as physical health, but is ignored the most. She feels people don’t understand a good mental health can do wonders, and a poor one can lead to disasters.

“Like our body needs rest after a long day, so does our mind. You need to sleep with a clear mind and shouldn’t have any emotional or mental baggage the next day. Mental health is as important as physical health, but unfortunately, nobody cares about it. I know it’s a little difficult to understand especially in our country where mental health is still considered a hush-hush topic. But honestly, people need to understand that more than our physical health, our mental health needs to be fine. If you have a body ache, you can take medicine, rest for a while and you will feel better. But for the well-being of your mental health, you need to talk it out,” she said.

“We live in a place where we constantly being judged, so it’s difficult to share all your feelings with someone, but you can at least talk to your best friends or someone whom you trust completely. And if that doesn’t work, you can write all your thoughts in a diary. Good, bad, worst, whatever you feel, you can write it all there. Or if you are not into writing, type it on your phone and delete it, but before doing so, read it twice, it will definitely solve your problem,” she added.

The “Meri Durga” actress said that she eats chocolates to perk up her mood, and added, “I also watch my favourite shows, especially sitcoms like “Friends” or “The Big Bang Theory”, and I feel all better. And I suggest others to do so too. I believe if you have negative thoughts in your mind, don’t push more negativity by listening to sad songs, or watching sad movies etc. You must listen to dance numbers or good, funny shows, and trust me it will lift up your mood in no time.”

Aishwarya also asserted that if your mental health is good, you can achieve whatever you want.

“I feel if you are fit mentally, then you can for whatever you want. A fit and healthy mind can do wonders. But if your mind is full of useless thoughts then even if you want to you will not be able to focus on your work. So get rid of that emotional and mental baggage as soon as you can,” she concluded.

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