Action Time: Deadly fights in &TV’s Badho Bahu

Yes, you’ve read it right.
&TV’s show Badho Bahu (Sunny Side Up) is packing a good dose of entertaining twists and turns in the storyline to entertain audiences.
Till now, we’ve seen that Zalim Singh surprised the villagers by taking off his mask. Since then, Rana Singh (Arhaan Khan) and Zalim Singh (Shabbir Khan) have pitted against each other, and both are confident that they will kill the other.
As per our sources, we’ve come to know that in the coming episodes there will be an intense ‘Maut Ki Kushti’ between the both. Rana Singh Ahlawat will fight with Zalim Singh in the next episode and will sadly lose the match and be on the verge of death.
Woaaah! Exciting, isn’t it???
Wait there’s more…
Lucky (Prince Narula), like a true hero will intervene and try to fight Zalim Singh with his hands tied.
We got in touch with the producer of the show Dipti Kalwani, who shared, “It is a very thrilling sequence. Rana Singh will be following the rules of dangal but Zalim Singh will be fighting freehand. Zalim will lie to Rana about kidnapping his sister Pragya. What happens in the end will be unexpected, and will have a moral lesson.”
We are anticipating these serious turn of events, are you?
Let us know in the comments box who you think will win the Maut ki Kushti!

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