Akanksha Puri gives 5 tips to slay the Indian Goddess look!

If there was an award for television’s stylish Parvati, it will go to Akanksha Puri.
No offense to any other actresses! But Puri is indeed a fashion icon who is nailing her role in Vighnaharta Ganesh. And this surely doesn’t come as a big surprise since Puri started her career as a fashion model. got in touch with the Calendar Girl to collaborate with her for an interesting article.
For all those who wish to look as pretty as an Indian Goddess, this is a must read for you!
In today’s DNA age, one will occasionally find girls donning a saree… It could either be a Diwali function in office, a college or school farewell or a marriage function where women get to flaunt their graceful Indian side. But at such events, slightly tweaking the look can make one a head turner!
Are you scared that your might go overboard? Well, don’t you worry! Fashionista Akanksha Puri shares 5 tips to slay the Indian Goddess look while keeping it subtle.
Here it goes.
Mystic eyes
Indian Goddesses most often are doe-eyed. Eyes are one of the prime areas which can enhance the facial features drastically! A black winged-liner perfectly applied not only makes the eyes look bigger and innocent but also gives a perfect Devi look. Kohl is the best thing which could happen to a woman and you can use coloured pencils too which could add more spunk to your makeup. However, I would suggest using dark colours.
Major tip – Do not merge too many colours for the eye makeup. As for the eye shadow, a corrective gold, copper or bronzer could give smokey edges. I would not suggest people to use shimmer, it is a big NO! A classy and subtle look will make you look elegant and pleasing to the eye.
Lips don’t lie
After putting your major focus on one of the strongest facial features, go easy with your lips. Lips also play an important role in putting on the Devi look and lighter shades of peach, pink and nude would complement the smokey setup of the eye-shadow. Unless you want to be a vamp avoid glossy lips!
Bindiya ka lashakara
Ever seen a Goddess without a bindi? A bindi has a paramount importance in the history of our country. Wearing a bindi on your forehead works beautifully for Goddess look.
Slay it in a saree
One needs to be very careful while picking the right saree. Outfits can either make you look majestic or destroy it completely. Shades of red, maroon, green and pink will do wonders. If you don’t believe me, watch me in anyone of my episodes (winks). Avoid sporting pastel shades.
Bole chudiyaa
You have worked so much on your look so remember to not ruin it by not augmenting it with a perfect match of bangles for your saree. One does not need to accessorize too much but wearing a delicate set of bangles or a kada will complete your look.
These simple yet effective techniques could do wonders for all the girls. Just keep these small things in your mind and slay the next time you step out for something special!

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