Akanksha Puri talks about Paras Chhabra and his BB game

Paras Chhabra is among the most talked about contestants in the Bigg Boss 13 house. He has stirred a lot of controversy in the house. However, his comments towards his real life girlfriend Akanksha Puri have not gone down too well with her.Akanksha, who earlier used to defend him, is now doubtful about his intentions after he made statements like he is not happy with Akanksha and that she forced him to get a tattoo of her name. In an interaction with India Forums, Akanksha got up, close, and personal about her equation with Paras, his game plan, and much more. Speaking about her and Paras’ love story Akanksha shared, ‘It’s been quite long now, we met through common friends and friendship turned into something more. Now, it’s been more than two and a half years, and during this we had our share of ups and downs and we were distant for five months but later we got back together. Initially I was a little private about my relationship but now we have decided to go open about it.’Ask her about how she is handling everything outside the house, and she says, ‘I’m the point of connect outside the house for Paras and the way the dynamics have changed inside the house, especially in the last few episodes, it’s high time that I speak about it now. I think things have turned a little awkward for me now and I am looking bad in all of this and I think he has gotten carried away a little too much in the game. Initially we had mutually decided on some things, but it’s getting out of hand now.’Further sharing about the things that hurt her the most out of the things Paras has said or done inside the house, Akanksha continued, ‘Initially when he said that Akanksha cries on trivial things and all, I ignored that bit as I thought it was a part of his strategy, but yes that thing had hurt me because I have a very strong personality and I have been with him because of his honesty but I think that honesty is missing in him now. But it’s part of the game and I give him the benefit of the doubt in some things.’Sharing her opinion about Paras’ equation with Sidharth Shukla, Akanksha quipped, ‘I have been linked up with Sid earlier but we were very clear on that, Sid is a mature person and we share a good bond, on the other hand Paras is a possessive boyfriend and he has had a problem with Sidharth. Because of some statements that Paras passed, I think things will get weird between me and Sid.’About Paras’ comments about the tattoo, she said, ‘After our five month break, he got back with me and proposed me with that gesture and it was very special to me. So, his statements are making him look foolish.’Paras’ recent romantic gestures towards Mahira are the talk of the town right now. Speaking on the same Akanksha said, ‘I think it is a well thought strategy by Paras and Mahira to create content for the game, however yes I’m not liking it much. I’m sure it’s a game plan from both Paras and Mahira’s side.’

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