Badho Bahu’s tryst with saree

The cast of Badho Bahu is all geared up to entertain the audience with their ‘Pyaar Ki Paathshala’ – spearheaded by Choto Bua (Juhi Aslam) in an attempt to get Badho (Rytasha) and Lakha (Prince Narula) closer to each other. It was during the shoot of this special track that Rytasha donned some very beautiful Saris. Interestingly, it was this look that took her down memory lane and she started reminiscing about the first time she ever wore a sari!
Rytasha said, “It was such so much fun wearing a sari on the show! The very first time that I ever wore a saree was when I was in the seventh grade and it was for a dance performance on Independence day. Since I have schooled in Singapore, like most Indian girls, the first Sari I wore was that of my mother and that made the occasion all the more special. The new track of “Pyar Ki Pathshala has given me the opportunity to wear a sari again after so many years and I have made the most of it, including learning how to drape the Sari all by myself!”
Currently Badho Bahu has the audience hooked on to the track as the relationship between Badho and Lakha is undergoing a pleasant change. Lakha is coming to terms with his marriage to Badho and is seen making an earnest attempt to appreciate Badho for her goodness. The catalyst in bringing this change is Choto Bua and her sensibilities. Prompted by Choto Bua, Badho wears a Sari for the first time for Lakha, thereby taking the first step towards expressing her love for him.
Things are warming up between the couple and “Pyaar Ki Pathshala” is going to raise the temperature further.

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