Bark and leave if you don’t like me and my opinion: Kishwer

Amongst the various TV celebs who are following the current season of Bigg Boss closely, the ex-Bigg Boss contestants have chosen to be highly opinionated.
Among them, Kishwer Merchantt, who is now Kishwer M Rai has some very brief comments to give out after every episode she manages to watch. While she has been very opinionated about each contestant and their conduct in the house, some fans have chosen to bash her and her famous ‘thook’ episode.
If you remember, Kishwer, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss 9 spat into a glass of water and served it to her co-contestant Rishab Sinha.
While the fans spoke ill about her, Kishwer took to Twitter to reply to her followers. This post was followed by a thread of love and hate comments on the social media platform

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