Barrister Babu: Saudamini’s new plan to expose Bondita’s habit in front of everyone

Colors’ show Barrister Babu is set to witness high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

We have seen how Saudamini is always jealous of Bondita and doesn’t want her to be a part of Anirudh’s family. She has always tried to create problems for the little girl so that she can throw her out of the house. Also, she wants Anirudh back in her life and can do anything for him.

In the latest promo, we see how happy Bondita is as she and Anirudh have been invited to her friend’s wedding.

However, Bondita who needs to stay there is worried that everyone will come to know about her habit of wetting the bed.

She discusses this with Saudamini who tells her that she will accompany Bondita and take care of everything.

However, it is Saudamini’s conspiracy to expose Bondita’s truth in front of everyone and humiliate her.

Will Saudamini be successful in her plan? What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.

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