Being silent during that phase is the best solution: Parth Samthaan on controversies

MUMBAI: Popular TV actor Parth Samthaan is soon set to reprise his character of Manik Malhotra in the youth based show Kaisi Ye Yaarian (KYY). The TV series is coming on the digital platform with the third season. KYY was an overnight success and made the lead actors popular names in the industry. Before the series premiers on VOOT, tellynews got in an exclusive conversation with the 27-year-old actor.

Since the first season went on air, the daily became the talk of the town. Whether it was for the controversies or for the content, KYY has always kept buzzing. On asking what all has changed from season one to season three, Parth says, “I’ve been through a lot. To be honest that has made me strong. As a human I have realised that you only have one life. You live once and you die once. Even if you have an ego trip against someone, after dying what are you going to tell up – I carried ego, I didn’t talk to this person or something like that? The answer you’ll get is who cares?”

“So, let’s just be ourselves. Forget everything, be positive and be happy because in the end it’s all about happiness. If you feel like doing something that makes you happy then just do it. Rather regretting of not doing, just do it. At some point, you’ll realize what would you do with so much of negativity? What will you get out of it? You won’t be getting awarded for sure. You will only get affected by it,” he further adds philosophically.

The actor has been through many controversies. An individual is usually affected mentally, physically and professionally when negativity surrounds him. However, negativity and controversies make no impact on the good looking chap. “To be honest, I haven’t been affected by any articles (controversial). I haven’t been affected that much by articles as much, than people coming and asking me about it. Different sorts of people, anyone you meet even if you don’t know them, they start asking you the same questions. And at a point it gets annoying. However, after a point, I learned that it’s not necessary to answer everyone. I feel being silent during that phase (controversial) is the best solution.”

Samthaan, who made his debut with Gumrah: End of Innocence, shares his philosophical perspective of life and dealing with such phases. “Everything is temporary, it comes and it goes,” he says, adding, “Dark clouds won’t be there for long time, bright sunshine will bring the rain. Our field is such that everyone goes through a lot, but it only makes us stronger. It makes us strong enough to hold ourselves and be patient, which also helps in our career.”

The actor is not just a delight to sore eyes but also to one’s intellect. Talking about his aspirations, Parth reveals his noble motive. “In fact, at some point, I would like to inspire people. I would like to preach about what I’ve been through. And I could motivate people. If I had to give a session or something I would really like to do that. Because everyone needs a motivation. If I can motivate even a single person, I’ll feel content,” he concludes.

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