Bigg Boss 12 house – A dreamy summer break, getaway!

One of the most comforting feelings in the world is the sound of waves sweeping across the sand below your feet. Known to calm your senses and warm your soul, a beach is known to be the best form of therapy for a person. Bringing alive several element of a beach, Bigg Boss house in the 12th season promises to help soothe minds and complexities throughout the show. To escape the pressures and worries owing to various circumstances, contestants, this season will find a blessing in disguise in this beach themed house. This luxurious home, adorned with outlandish and aesthetic elements, has been designed by art director and Bollywood’s renowned design expert, Omung Kumar and production designer Vanita.Commenting on the house, Omung Kumar said, “This season, the design of the Bigg Boss house has been themed around a modern, luxurious, holiday destination. Full of life, culture and interesting components, the entire house will be a visual treat for the viewers. There is an element of underwater mystique to the décor with a lot of shells and watery tones to bring out the beauty of the sea. Designing the Bigg Boss House is always a great play. The house will be a perfect dose of Vitamin – SEA for the housemates this season.”Abhishek Rege, CEO, Endemol Shine India said “Like every year, this year too COLORS and Endemol Shine India has come up with a unique concept of Vichitra Jodis. Also, the beachy tranquil décor of the Bigg Boss house, may lure the contestants into thinking that their journey in the house will be a relaxed one, but the out of the box tasks will quickly pull them back to reality. This year, we have planned new twists and surprises for contestants that will test their compatibility, resilience and showcase their ability to bring the best or worst out of each other. Here’s looking forward to another very entertaining season of BIGG BOSS!”Here’s a quick glimpse of the grandiose and unique elements doused in beauty and aura, that promise to make the Bigg Boss house a true visual treat.A pleasant wave of watery hues!This year, the Bigg Boss house is covered in lively hues of blues, turquoise, teal and pearl ice which will be soothing to the eyes and help the contestants maintain a calm demeanor. With the picturesque elements all over the Bigg Boss house, one will feel like they have entered a vibrant aquatic castle. From colorfully modern to tastefully rustic, these spaces showcase the best of a seaside decor. If you want to experience a coastal living, you will find plenty of inspiration here.Bright and BeachyThe living room is designed by bringing together eclectic pieces to cultivate that extra homey feeling. Vibrant citrus seating livens up the living room and pairs well with the whitewashed wooden wall paneling. The grand, spacious living room of the house is the most vibrant area. Well-crafted sea creatures on the walls and a huge tree trunk with fairy lights, along with potpourri hanging adds to the exuberance and charm of the room. The collection of sea creatures like seahorse, starfish, oysters etc. flanked on one of the walls gives a coastal feel to the space, as does beneath the vanity.Cozy confessionsA melting pot of colour, texture and pattern, the bohemian style is applied to this season’s confession room for an unconventional design. Beaded embellishments, tassels, colourful lanterns cushions, a low wooden table adds to flare and elegance of the space. The goal is to make this room reflect the contestant’s spontaneity and make them pour their hearts out.Tropical TreatMimicked with maritime charms, the dining area has a collection of seascapes, a navy blue shipshape kitchen top, and seafaring sconces. Wooden shutters, mounted sequin dolphins and the colourful crockery makes the kitchen and dining area groove in sync with the rest of the house. A huge wooden boat hung upside down over the enormous dining table is a chandelier and definitely a masterpiece.Underwater Presidential SuiteThe bedroom embodies the lively spirit with its eclectic mix of patterns and colours. Shades of blue makes you feel as if you are dancing with the waves. One of the walls create an illusion of underwater with sea animals painted on it.Beach TherapyThis porch has elements that will enliven the contestants’ spirits. There is a large swimming pool that exhibits a sandy beach, a gym in one corner and a special porch seating designed in the shape of a boat. At this perfect setting secrets will be shared, conversations will get BEACH-Y, friendly banter, and even romantic moments under the starlight sky. In fact, the varied hues and shack-ish furniture, sets an informal backdrop and will add more zest to their leisure sessions.The KaalkothriBut, in the midst of all this outdoor fun and games there is also a bleak area of darkness – the kaalkothri where contestants who go against the rules of the show will face imprisonment.COLORS’ biggest reality show – Bigg Boss 12 launches on Sunday 16th September,2018. Amidst the dreamy setting of a beach, Bigg Boss 12 will pack a punch with its assorted jodis battling it out to survive 100+ days under the constant glare of 89 cameras and Host Salman Khan’s lively supervision in the Bigg Boss house.

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