Bigg Boss 13: Mahira gives Sidharth a peck

Yesterday’s episode saw an ugly verbal war between Mahira Sharma and Rashami Desai. After Abu Malik and Siddharth Dey said that Mahira is nothing without Paras Chhabra in the game, the actress was visibly upset. Later, Paras told Mahira that she is not weak and people are unnecessarily assuming things. He added that she has come all this way on her own mettle and through public voting. To which Salman tells Paras to let Mahira speak for herself as he cannot always be her mouthpiece. Rashami is seen agreeing to this and repeating Salman’s words.

Rashami’s interference leaves Mahria infuriated. She loses her calm and gets into a war of words with Rashami. Both start pointing fingers at each other, while Mahira leaves the living area and goes to the garden area crying and sobbing bitterly. She is also seen screaming in a fit of anger, ‘I hate her (referring to Rashami).’ Sid is seen approaching her and trying to calm her down. He embraces her and tells her let people speak as ‘Logon ka kaam hai kehna.’ Mahira finally cheers up and smiles. While walking towards the door, Mahira runs towards Shukla and gives him a tight-tight hug, leaving Sidharth stunned. Not only this, she also sweetly plants a kiss on Sidharth’s cheeks, leaving him blushing.

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