Bigg Boss 13: Tehseen Poonawalla feels Rashami is going strong in the game

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows. Currently season 13 is on air. Many celebs have participated in the show and the drama in the house is in full swing.

The BB Home Delivery task has taken quite an interesting turn. With Paras’ side stronger than Asim and Sidharth, Arti and Shehnaz have been fighting for their rights. Seeing them play from the secret room, wild card entrant Tehseen Poonawalla made an interesting observation. According to him Rashami and Devoleena have understood the game quite well and playing it right.

But it is Arti, who is fighting and getting agitated for the wrong reasons. She is not playing with her mind. Rashami and her gang are thinking about the future game and the change in dynamics. With Paras being a strong contender, they want to stick with Paras. A fight breaks between Arti and Rashami deciding the delivery girl. Arti accuses Rashami of not playing fair. Devoleena stands by Rashami and tells in future she will play the game for herself but now she has to stick to majority.

Political analyst Tehseen feels Rashami is going strong in the game. Seeing the house divided into two groups, he talks about the dynamics are soon going to change as they enter. They will form a third group after their entry.

Bigg Boss tells Tehseen will join later and invites another wild card entrant Khesari Lal Yadav to watch the game further. The home delivery task intensifies with only one delivery left. Out of six deliveries, Paras has received three, Asim two and Sidharth has got no delivery. One delivery was refused. Hence, the last delivery is going to be a game changer one.

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