Boo Boo: When Rohit got mistaken with Shibani’s name at Khatron Ke launch

Shakespeare might have proudly said, ‘What’s in the name?’ but is it so?
Last night, popular action star director Rohit Shetty ‘almost’ made a boo boo of himself on stage, by falling for the ‘name’ crisis.
Colors launched its popular reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 last night (9 May). Host Rohit Shetty took centre stage to introduce the contestants to the media. Dressed in a rugged jacket over a sleek black t-shirt paired with matching jeans, he looked glamorous to the T.
While people went gaga over the director’s persona and bindaas attitude, he did the unforgivable on the stage.
As he introduced Shibani Dandekar, he mistakenly called her Suchitra Dandekar and repeated the mistake a couple of times more. Thankfully for the host, she was not present or would have been left sulking over the entire incident.
With the host not present, the media was left confused about th is ‘mysterious’ contestant. Realising that the entire incident could be blown up, and the situation could go out of control, the direction team buzzed Rohit on his earphone immediately.
Left embarrassed, Rohit decided to play around, and announced to the media with smirk, “I mentioned Shibani as Suchitra, and the way the team has been going hyper about it, I fear that I might be arrested. I didn’t realise it was such a big crime and I hope the team has not called the cops already. They have been buzzing me crazily on my earphones.”
Woaah, that’s cool!!!
The contestants were all amazed at how he handled the situation and Rohit, slyly smiled at the Colors team as if aplogogising for his carelessness.
Way to go Rohit, you are just too cool!!!

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