BRANDS Jennifer Winget, Erica Fernandes, Sriti Jha, Karan Patel and Shakti Arora should ENDORSE!

Let’s admit it, celebrities do create an impact of whatever they do and say,They have a zillion followers and some of them try to follow all what the celebrities like and believe. Now apart from their films and events that we see them, these actor also endorse a variety of brands.

They have a strong influence on a common man’s life. That is one reason advertisers bank upon them for their endorsements.

Television in India is now nearly as big as Bollywood. So much that top TV stars are often paid more and have a bigger social media following than film actors with middling fame. Here, we list down some brands that we think these TV actors would be the perfect ambassadors for!

Jennifer Winget should be signed on to endorse skincare products…

If Erica Fernandes was roped in she would make a good ambassador for
haircare brands…

Sriti Jha would be best to inspire people to take of for holidays as a

destination endorser

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