Chandni Sharma recovers from Covid-19, can’t wait to get back to work

Actor Chandni Sharma, who is part of Mamta and Yash Patnaik’s Ishq Mein Marjawaan 2, recently recovered from Covid 19. The actor confesses that she was very worried when she got the result but was very careful after that. “I was calm and did not panic at all but definitely I worried. I was scared for my parents who are living with me,” she says, adding, “I had consulted a doctor for the same and I took the utmost care to not miss whatever was prescribed to me. Along with vitamin C and zinc supplements, I also took steam regularly and drank herbal teas to boost immunity,” she says.

She says that the producers of her show really helped her out during that time. “They told me that I can let them know if I need anything at all. They were very supportive,” she says.

The actor can’t wait to get back to work. “There is a lot of drama, twists and revenge sequences coming up. We will resume from where we left before I got quarantined. So stay tuned for it!” she says. Meanwhile, Chandni urges people to be careful. “My advice would be – please do not go out unless it’s very important or unavoidable. Wear your masks. Wash your hands for 20seconds once in every hour and the most important thing, have a good diet. Do not compromise on a nutrient-rich diet. It’s very important to be strong internally, increase your vitamin C intake and practice pranayama,” she says.

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