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  1. pls pls pls add pictures pls

  2. A cross or the date of when I got my first tattoo?

  3. & that karma dialogue was for vd..
    Vd’s favorite cotation n.. Karma bounce back..


  5. OoPS i think Network problem ha

  6. Rishi become vamp before dadi

  7. Yeah I knew that. This net is our enemy

  8. Hey TG! 😀
    May I know what movie you’re watching?

  9. hmm,post your ideas.. 🙂

  10. Because we want to.

  11. Amaya is such a bloody fool,she didn’t ask for any proof and trusted that stupid Sumitra oh god plll

  12. “Hands and minds that help another without a selfish motive are greater than lips and voices that pr

  13. the writers are gone mad

    Psychological problems doesn’t start all of sudden as they are trying in “MATSH” what I cannot beli