Deepshikha Nagpal on playing negative roles

Deepshikha Nagpal is a well-known television actor. She has been part of several shows. She is best known for her negative portrayal in soaps.

In fact, the actress has portrayed negative roles so convincingly on screen that people consider her to be ‘negative’ in real life as well. But Deepshikha doesn’t fear getting typecast, instead, the 42-year-old “enjoys being a part of costume drama”.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Deepshikha said, “My personality and aura are so strong that people often cast me for a stronger role, and most of the times, it has been the negative ones. I’ve carried it so well that people feel I’m like this in real as well and sometimes they feel scared of me too when they see me around.” However, she quickly added that she is completely opposite in real life. “I’m fun-loving and jovial on the sets and when I meet people,” she said.

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