Dipika Kakkar thinks Qayamat Ki Raat and Game Of Throne have the “same feel”

MUMBAI: Actress Dipika Kakar does not mind getting slotted in the supernatural thriller genre, saying she maybe excels at it.

Dipika has featured in Sasural Simar Ka, where the central character turned into a “makhi” (fly) following a “shraap” (curse). She is also seen in the supernatural thriller Qayamat Ki Raat on Star Plus.

Asked if she does not fear getting slotted in this genre, Dipika said, “So, what? Fine, maybe I excel that. Maybe that is the best I do and viewers, producers and directors they like me doing that the best. So, maybe that is my strong point. It is okay. No harm.”

Talking about fantasy thriller being labelled as regressive on the small screen, Dipika said, “You watch Game Of Thrones and does that not come in a feel of fantasy thriller or supernatural. That is also with that feel. So, why in India when it is shown… I think a lot of people need to accept the fact that yes, our shows can be good too, try watching it.

Dipika is hoping that Qayamat Ki Raat will get a good response by viewers.

“Because the quality of Qayamat Ki Raat, it is fantasy thriller, but the quality is believable. You won’t feel that someone is standing with white paint on,” she added.

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