Divorce drama in &TV’s Agnifera

&TV’s popular love story, Agnifera starring Ankit Gera (Anurag), Yukti Kapoor (Ragini) and Simran Kaur (Shrishti) in lead roles is all set to witness some high dose of drama. The show is currently at a very interesting juncture where a sinister plot hatched by Shekhar has caused emotions to run high. Shrishti has finally made up her mind about divorcing Vishu, but her strained relationship with her family has caused her to keep them in the dark. With Shekhar making sure that the papers are signed and the divorce is final, Ragini is trying in her own way to keep Vishu and Shrishti together.
The drama has reached a point where the divorce seems unavoidable with Vishu’s mother and sister wanting the divorce to go through. The reason being that they want to get Vishu married to a girl from a rich family.
Shooting for the show has been intense for all actors as the scenes are full of drama. This is especially true for actress Simaran Kaur who essays the role of Shrishti on the show. Simaran shares “Srishti is a very strong woman who stands for her rights and fights against injustices. Currently the track in the show is very intense. My character is going through a myriad of emotions and feelings which are very complex and demanding.”
The divorce of Shrishti and Vishu is going to be a nail-biting court battle.

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