Ek Boond Ishq actress Chhavvi Pandey harassed by man on WhatsApp

Chhavvi Pandey is a popular television actress. She is winning hearts with her performance on the small screen. Chhavvi who started off her career with the show Ek Boond Ishq has now gone on to have a good fan base and is quite active on social media as well. A social media user, Chhavvi took to her account to share a shocking incident with fans that occurred with her. Through her post, the actress warned other young female actors to beware from people who trap actors with fake endorsements.

On Instagram, Chhavvi Pandey shared a string of pictures that featured screenshots of a WhatsApp chat. Sharing her story with fans, in the post, Chhavvi mentioned how a shocking incident happened with her where a man approached her on WhatsApp asking her to endorse his product. The Ek Boond Ishq actress then went on to mention that the reason she is sharing her story is that it would make all the newcomers in the industry, especially girls, aware of such imposters. In the post, Pandey mentioned how she felt things were a little fishy, in regards to the man and his product, and hence she revealed she did not decide to take it further, politely refusing him during the conversation.

The Kaal Bhairav Rahasya actress then shared how shockingly, the man started abusing her and later deleted his part of the messages. Concluding her message to fans, Chhavi wrote, “Such jerks are nothing but trash who just want to trap actors especially new comers and lure them. Here’s an appeal from my side, all girls be aware of such jerks and don’t fall into their trap.” As the actress made an appeal to all her fans out there and the asked girls to be aware of such people, she finally wrote, “Nobody can force us to do things their way, high time we understand that ‘NO’ means ‘NO’.”

Meanwhile, as Chhavvi Pandey explains the shocking incident that happened with her, the actress also tries to make sure no one goes through the same like her.

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