Experienced actors come with baggage, says producer Dilip Jha

Mumbai: Bindu Production’s latest offering Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai has been doing the talks. With a fresh pairing of Namit Khanna and Palak Jain being introduced, the daily is buzzing rightly. The show which airs on Sony TV is garnering good response.

tellynews got in touch with the brains behind the show. The talented Dilip Jha, head honcho of the production house, talks about what went behind the making of his new offering. This will be his another association with the GEC. In the past, Jha brought his debut show and worked for series like Bade Acche Lagte Hain, Kya Hua Tera Vaada and such on the same channel.

“I’m excited to be back on Sony. There’s a certain excitement that I’m associated with Sony again,” Dilip expressed to tellynews.

The show features fresh faces.

Speaking about the reasons for not opting for any big names, he said, “We were in talks with many popular faces. Trust me, I met big names for this show and not even a single actor rejected it. However, I wanted unconventional faces for my characters; especially the girl. Palak has an unconventional face as a TV lead. She has an exotic look. She looks very vulnerable and lost, just like the character.”

“On the other hand, Namit was exactly like Sidhant. We didn’t take any time to finalize him, I was so sure of him,” he added.

Well, it was not just the faces. Dilip further explained the reason behind choosing fresh faces.

“I like the idea of working with new people. It’s easy to mould them. They come with no baggage. Otherwise, experience brings baggage. They start making characters according to their experiences. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t! They might make something else out of their experience and I fear that. This is one of the primary reasons. Plus why not bring new actors to the industry,” Dilip said.

The romantic daily is airing on an odd timing of 11 pm, a rare slot for a romantic show to air. However, it didn’t affect the producer.

He explained, “We discussed about it. I’m very happy about it. If you are making a clutter breaking content then you should also come at a slot which is ‘clutter breaking’. Let new kind of audience come in who don’t watch TV. It will appeal to both kind of audience – who like TV and who don’t watch TV.”

The series is set in a real life location and is shot in Delhi sans sets. Dilip revealed that a lot of hard work has gone into the making of it.

He said, “Sometimes you put so much efforts that you don’t care about the end result, you are just happy to make it. We as a team are just so happy and proud that we made it. By the end of the day every show comes with its own luck. So we can’t really focus on that.”

“Nonetheless, special mention goes to people who do a thankless job – my production team. I want to thank and appreciate the team; the locations are big and real. Everyone goes berserk on set. But I’m happy to have such a team,” Dilip concluded.

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