Farah Khan’s 1986 dance group came to surprise her on the sets of Super Dancer 3

MUMBAI: The multi-faceted Farah Khan has a come a long way and gone through many hardships. Farah has been in the industry for over two decades and established her name in the industry. Farah Khan will be seen on ‘Guru- Shishya Special’ episode of Super Dancer Chapter 3 this week. Farah Khan will be seen in her essence and lightening up the mood with her witty one-liners. Meanwhile when the shoot was midway, the makers decided to surprise Farah by calling members of The Original Sphinx, her 1986 dance troupe. It was a pleasant surprise for Farah and sort of a reunion for the dancers who were meeting almost after 20 long years. They were evidently happy to meet each other and reminisce their old dancing days. It was revealed that though Farah was the only girl in the group, she used to take care of the boys like a mother would do. In those days Farah was the only female dancer to do breakdance which was quiet a rage in the 80’s. Farah used to practice on the beach and

Talking about her group Farah Khan said, “We had a dance troupe called The Original Sphinx wherein there were 4 boys- Hemu, Nihaal, Anuj and Longinus and one girl which was me, that’s the reason I am like this now. We used to do shows together and Hemu and I together participated in the World Dance Championship in London.”

She later confessed ,“I have made the movie Happy New Year based on the experiences we have had when I participated at the World Dance Championship , but the only difference was that we were better dancers.”

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