Flynn Remedios sues Priyank Sharma for Rs 50 lakhs, says Goa news is FAKE

Senior journalist and publicist Flynn Remedios, who is also the publisher of the portal, today sued Priyank Sharma for Rs 50 lakh, claiming that Priyank raked up a fake controversy which was based on fake news. He has demanded an unconditional written apology from Priyank Sharma within 48 hours, failing which, he will drag Priyank to court.
It must be said that Flynn Remedios is the exclusive Management Agency for Arshi Khan and has been handling her media requirements for the last 3 years.
Flynn has vowed to get Priyank Sharma arrested for crossing the line. “He must learn that being in the Bigg Boss house does not make him God. The law of the land applies to everyone and even to Bigg Boss inmates. I am suing him under section 354, 500 and section 509 of the Indian Penal Code.”:
Here is what Flynn Remedios has to say:
“Last year, we had registered an FIR at the Oshiwara Police Station u/s 354, 509, and 34 against some unknown persons for publishing false, fake and defamatory news about Arshi Khan. The news pertained to a report stating that Arshi Khan was arrested in Goa in a trafficking case. This is completely fake news. Such an incident never happened. In that sense all the websites referring to the fake Goa incident are guilty of running false, fake news. There were 2-3 dummy websites created solely for the purpose of generating revenue by running fake news, generating clicks based on this fake news and making money through Google Adsense which were running this fake news about Arshi Khan’s Goa incident. Priyank Sharma did not bother to verify. He possibly just googled Arshi Khan or was told by someone else and blurted the same in the house, even though he was clearly warned by Bigg Boss not to do so.”
Secondly, as far the Pune incident is concerned, Arshi Khan was detained (not arrested) in a fake raid. The police never produced her in court, but sent her to a Sudhar Ghar for rescued women. At the Sudhar Ghar the other inmates tried to steal her clothes and money and she fought back. The guard opened the gate and asked her to get out. It was a privately run Sudhar Ghar that was not run by the State. We have filed a case in the Bombay High Court against the Pune police who revealed her name to the media, as a “victim woman” must be protected and her identity not revealed in the media, Flynn Remedios said.
Speaking about the channel and the makers of the show, Remedios said he has spoken to the production house and they told him that everyone in the house has been strictly warned not to bring up each-others personal or legal matters. In today’s episode, even the host Salman Khan will strictly warn the participants not to bring up personal matters. The damage is already done, and Priyank Sharma is solely responsible for it and I will make him pay, said Flynn Remedios.

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