Hina’s integrity, emotions and humility draws everyone towards her: Rocky Jaiswal

Rocky Jaiswal’s entry inside Bigg Boss 11 dramatised the goings on in the Colors flagship reality series even more. Whether it was Hina’s reactions or Rocky proposing her with an imaginary ring, there’s too much happening that made this reunion quite anticipated. The netizens took to their social media sites and started talking about the TV Bahu.
While Rocky and Hina have been in a steady relationship since quite a long time, they never spoke about their relationship openly. However, things changed post Hina’s participation in the controversial reality show.
In an EXCLUSIVE conversation with TellyChakkar, the calm and composed guy revealed how it all started. Rocky Jaiswal spoke for the first time, about his relationship with Hina, himself and his thoughts about his girl’s arch rival Karan Patel.
Excerpts from the interview:
The two of you have refrained from talking about your relationship in the past. Was it planned that you’ll come out in the BB house or it just happened?
We never planned anything from getting together to this. It was just that after such a long gap it seemed like it will be impossible for us to even imagine a life without each other. I had prepared something emotional to make her happy but after her breakdown, I thought I must admit my feelings, because it will give her added strength to fight rest of the battle in the house.
So, does this mean you and Hina are soon set to tie the knot? Is engagement or wedding on cards?
No, it means that we are a couple; we are dating and we love each other. We would leave such big decisions on eventuality.
We know so less about your love story with Hina, tell us about it. How did it all begin? Who proposed whom?
It all started when I was working with her in a previous show. She was the female protagonist and I was the supervising producer. I was brought in to replace the last guy who was like a brother to Hina. So, she was obviously not happy to even see me there. And the relationship between an actor and production is like Tom and Jerry; neither can we be best friends nor enemies. However, we wouldn’t exist if the other part doesn’t. I worked my way up to her good books and made a very special spot for myself. We’ll reveal the rest, when we both are together. It’s worth the wait trust me.
How hard is it to still love Hina, when all her raw sides are out on National TV?
There is no question to still love Hina. Her integrity, her emotions, her way of looking at things even after being such a huge celebrity and most importantly her humility are the things that draws everyone towards her, not just me. Probably, I love her more than I used to before this show.
Karan Patel has been speaking ill about Hina Khan. You two also had a war of words earlier. Why is he behind Hina?
I will answer this in just one sentence. It shows who you are, keep it up!
Were you ever insecure that Hina might fall in love with someone else in the BB house? Earlier Bigg boss contestants like Karishma Tanna, Benafsha fell in love on the show.
Never, Hina is Hina and I wouldn’t compare her with anyone. The women you named should be respected and not use their names for objectifiyng them.
Work wise, what are you up to these days?
I have multiple franchises of a few known business brands. Besides my Production Company which does corporate events, local and international, we do a lot of music videos, ads, etc. I’m also working on a few concepts for movies. I do write and I am in a process of pitching content for both GEC networks in the country and international content platforms.
What are in store for you in the future?
Well, a lot of big and positive things I would like to believe, let the story bring its own journey.

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