Hiten FINALLY loses his cool; pushes Luv real bad in Bigg Boss

The Colors flagship reality series Bigg Boss 11 is in its ninth week and is going in full swing. While most of the contestants have already indulged themselves in several fights and arguments, it is Hiten Tejwani who is by far away from any controversy. But now it is finally in the ninth week of the show, that the TV actor has lost his cool. And it is probably because of Luv Tyagi.
The makers of the reality show come up with gruelling luxury tasks every weeka and this week too the task assigned to house inmates was no less than a riot. There have been a lot of grudges that the contestants have been harbouring against each other for so many days and now this week’s luxury budget task has given a chance to the contestants to avenge themselves against their enemies.
The Lilliput – Daanav task that was inspired from Gulliver’s travels has divided the house into two groups. One is Hina Khan’s team and the other one is Hiten’s team. While the TV actress’ team is playing the roles of citizens of Lilliput, their task is to torture the Daanavs. They have to do it to an extent where the Daanavs can take no more. And ring the bell as a sign of giving up.
We have already seen how Hina’s team tortured Bandi by putting chilli powder on her face. The latter had even started crying!
And now in today’s episode we will get to see the usually cool and calm Hiten losing his temper on Hina’s team. Apparently someone stole the actor’s trimmer. The actor did not like it at all and he shouts at the other team saying that they dare not touch his personal belongings.
Hiten claims that it is Luv who has stolen his trimmer and is even seen pushing him away in the video shared by ColorsTV. Seems like tonight’s episode is going to be an interesting one!

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