I always had a crush on Shah Rukh Khan: Mishmee Das

Mishmee Das, who portrayed the daughter of a courtesan in Colors Bangla’s Gachhkouto, says that as a child she had this weird habit of pricking her lips and she was obsessed with dancing and dressing up. The actress, who also played the female lead role in Zee Bangla’s Premer Phande, revealed that she had a crush on Shahrukh Khan.
In a Children’s Day special rapid fire interview, Mishmee revealed many more such interesting things. Read on to know-
Were you a naughty /polite kid?
I was very polite.
Did you have any weird habit as a child?
I used to prick my lips.
As a child, you were obsessed with?
I was obsessed with dancing and dressing up.
You had a crush on which celeb?
SRK. I still have a crush on him.
What was your childhood dream?
My childhood dream was to become the dean of the best university in the world.
What was your favourite subject as a child?
And the subject you found boring?
Who was your idol when you were a kid?
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
Your favourite childhood memories?
Celebrating the occasion of Durga pujo at mamarbari.
These days, children and youngsters are exposed to communication mediums like WhatsApp and Facebook where they can video call anyone. How do you view this?
I think children these days are way more smarter than we used to be but they are also prone to fall into traps like the blue whale challenge and all because of their young age. I don’t think getting so much exposure at a young age isn’t good.
Last question, what kind of a parent you think you would be?
I think I would be extremely cool but at the same time strict.

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