I am scared of chocolate bomb: Vivek Trivedi

Film and TV actor Vivek Trivedi revealed that he is scared of chocolate bomb and said that it should be banned. A sweet lover, he also expressed that during Diwali, sweets are a must.
The actor, who has acted in films like Prem, Sare Chuattar Ghosh Para, Murder and Hera Pheriand is currently portraying the male lead role in Zee Bangla’s Baksho Bodol, opined that on this festival of lights evils like child and animal abuse should be vanished from the world.
In an exclusive Diwali special interview with , Vivek spoke about many interesting things. Read on-
What Diwali means to you?
Diwali means festival of lights. It’s a great occasion to celebrate with sweets. Sweets and the firecrackers have to be there during Diwali. I think it’s a fun occasion.
How do you celebrate Diwali?
Well, these days I really don’t do much of firecrackers. During Diwali, usually we have invitations and even this year I have an invitation for a private house party. I also have an appearance to make at a function in Batanagar so that’s how I am going to celebrate Diwali.
The dishes you like to eat on Diwali?
Well, sweets are a must and good food is always there whenever there is an invitation. And obviously, when it’s a house party, there is both veg and non veg dishes.
What was your favourite firecracker when you were a kid?
My favourite firecracker was rocket.
What is the firecracker you are scared of?
I am scared of chocolate bomb because once it had exploded in my hands and also it makes too much of sound pollution too.
One celebrity you would like to spend Diwali with?
Jacqueline Fernandez, no doubt.
One thing you traditionally follow on this occasion?
Bursting at least one small firecracker to take the tradition ahead but no big firecrackers…that’s the thing I follow on Diwali.
The evil that should be burnt and vanished from the world this Diwali?
I think the child and animal abuse should be burnt. That evil should go.
Your take on the ban on sale of firecrackers?
Well, it’s a good decision to reduce both sound and air pollution. But the ones with lower decimals which do not cause much sound and air pollution should be allowed because I think the tradition and culture of Diwali should continue. Of course, the bigger ones like the chocolate bombs which make a lot of noise and create air and sound pollution should be banned.
Any message for your fans on the occasion of Diwali?
Please be careful while burning firecrackers and reduce fire and air pollution as much as possible. A very happy Diwali to everyone.

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