I hold these politicians responsible for the increasing crime and condition of women – Social activist Abha Singh

MUMBAI:A high level professional comes to our country and the security all around is hiked up. But even though we keep reading cases and news about degrading and disheartening female security in our country, the government seems to have become deaf and dumb to our cries.

In 2012 we came across the news of the Delhi rape case where Nirbhaya was gang raped and murdered brutally. Later she was thrown on the roads of Delhi. She was left to take her last breaths in the chilly December nights. This horrific case was followed by candle marches and protests…people voiced their anger against the molesters. The citizens came together and demanded strict rules and amendments for the safety of women.

Yet after six years, it seems nothing has changed. The women are still the victim of eve teasing, acid attacks, physical tortures, gang rapes and what not.

The current case that has taken the nation by storm is Kathua gang rape. An eight-year-old girl Asifa was gang raped, drugged and later murdered on 10 January. It seems we are living amidst a bunch of monsters who don’t even think twice before committing a crime as low as rape.

Such horrible incidents have shaken the entire nation. Both celebrities and common people are questioning the safety of women.

Recently, in a protest, Abha Singh, a former civil servant and currently an advocate practicing in High Court of Judicature, Bombay was furious and agitated about the Asifa gang rape. Abha Singh who is a well known social activist has considerably contributed and fought for the rights and gender equality of women.

In an exclusive conversation with tellynews, with heavy heart Abha spoke about the case. She also talked how a change can be brought.

She said, “It feels as the POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) has failed in our country as the crimes against the children especially girls seem to be on a run. The rapists of Nirbhaya case were given death penalty but they are yet to be hanged and the appeal is still pending in the Supreme Court.”

“We are concerned about the human rights of the rapists but what about the human rights of Asifa or many other victims out there. The way Unnao victim’s (another gang rape case registered) father was beaten up, wrongly arrested shows that the system is not working but is badly collapsing,” she added.

Asked what can be done to bring a change, Abha stated, “With an effective policing and a speedy justice we can control this crime.”

“Politicians are making such derogatory statements about women, so in some way, I hold these politicians responsible for the increasing crime and condition of women. The fear of law needs to be instilled and the moment that is done let me tell you the crime will come to a halt,” she concluded.

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