Ishita-Raman aka Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Karan Patel give us #couplegoals

MUMBAI: Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel who play Ishita and Raman in Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have over the years and every passing episode, have set love goals for the audience after every relatable twist in the show.

We have seen Raman in his drunk, cute and intensely romantic state with Ishita and we must say, each version of this couple is amazing!

Raman and Ishita’s love story started with hatred and soon, the duo came together because of their love for little princess Ruhi, who is Raman’s daughter with his first wife, Shagun. Often seen arguing over little things, the couple is inseparable.

It has been years now and still, Raman and Ishita are headstrong despite minor altercations, find friendship and love in each other. Ishita, like a true ideal wife, does things to protect her family and Raman despite being a tad bit of a brat, ultimately comes in support of his family when needed.

Infact, it is not only his Karan and Divyanka’s on-screen characters which give us love goals but the actors are stars and give us romantic inspiration too. Like Divyanka is always there with her husband Vivek Dahiya and whenever they are spotted together, they look like they are completely smitten by each other. Karan too, despite personal crises, was thereby Ankita’s side and proved that their love is above all.

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