It is very important for TV actors to undergo acting workshops: Shaalien Malhotra

Shaalien Malhotra who essays the role of Yuvraj in Colors’ Laado 2 (Shakuntalam Telefilms) has charmed the audience with his enigmatic personality on the screen.

An actor always strives to get into the skin of each character assigned and Shaalien has nailed it! While he entered the show donning the rough and rugged look, he gradually turned romantic and a protector of his lady love. As Yuvraj, he also stood up for the honour and dignity of women.

But now Shaalien’s character is gracefully shifting to a grey shaded one. Yuvraj loves Anushka (Avika Gor) and is a noble soul but the only thing which keeps him away from her is Ammaji (Meghna Malik), the murderer of his parents.

Speaking about the shift in his character, Shaalien said, “My character is developing into a complex one. It has become very challenging to play Yuvraj because it is not only about shifting emotions between love and hate but there are times where I have to feel both in one scene.

In the acting world, this is called subtext. I train my mind to feel the emotion so strongly that it is seen through my facial expressions. I learnt this over the years by undergoing various acting workshops and learning from my acting gurus.

For an actor, specially a TV face, it is very important to do workshops, which teach you this as it is not so easy to live with the character and come out of it too.

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