Janmashtami in Taraak Mehta: Gokuldham to find its Yashoda-Nandbaba; read to know who

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  1. I used to watch pkyek on star one .. Channel went off air
    Chandragupta Maurya on ndtv.. Channel wen

  2. aliya zain abdullah


  3. DeStijl* 😉
    You have to learn it right. :’D because I am mean like that. :’D

  4. I have loved you 4 a thousand years… ..

  5. Oh is he?! 😀 Congratulations to him and his fiancee! 🙂

  6. Meera is a dumb chick..She is not punishing anyone but herself.. According to spoilers Gaura and Dha

  7. Itna shaq on madhu.. Uff
    & there shouldn’t be no any husband like this..
    Sheh ho meri or maat

  8. wow kumkum bhagya always no.1 my fav show only kumkum bhgaya..abhi pragya most hot romantic couple i

  9. Bubbly u want ur apa to succed in fullfilling me dream ryt….so thats why now i have to concentrate

  10. Kris… How are you my sister…