Just-married Pamela Anderson accused of ‘stealing’ hubby from his ex

Just-married actress Pamela Anderson has been accused of breaking a relationship and stealing her current husband Dan Hayhurst from his previous girlfriend Carey.

The 53-year-old Anderson had on Wednesday announced her marriage with her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst on the Christmas Eve of 2020. Now, Carry has accused the former “Baywatch” star of seducing Hayhurst and breaking a five-year-long relationship.

“This is not the lockdown love story which is being portrayed, it’s all a facade.I decided to speak out because I want people to know that my almost five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the affair Pam and Dan started while he was still with me. It’s sad that people celebrate this and cheer them on, when it started with deceit, denials and life-shattering choices for all the people involved,” says 42-year-old Carey.

She adds: “It wasn’t this romance that happened overnight. He worked with her for over six months before any of that happened. He wasn’t her body-guard then, he is a handyman, she hired him to work on her house. We were all totally blindsided by this, it’s been so hard for us. Dan has lost friendships and business relationships because of this.”

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