Kahan Hum Kahan Tum to showcase the Sindhi community

MUMBAI: Kahan Hum Kahan Tum seems to be becoming one of the most anticipated shows of the year on Indian television. Its first promo has created a stir! In the promo, Saif Ali Khan introduces us to the characters, and the first look of the show has already created a lot of curiosity.

While rumours were doing the rounds that the show would portray the Bengali community, we hear that the makers have in fact planned to show the Sindhi family.’ Our source informs us that, ‘We have seen Gujarati, Bengali, Marwari, and even Punjabi families on television.

But a Sindhi family backdrop has not yet been explored as much on television. We have a few stereotypes that have been played up in films, but besides that, it remains an extremely unexplored community in our entertainment medium.

‘It looks like the show may just be hitting home, as producer Sandiip Sikcand too happens to be part Sindhi, and since the maker believes in creating realistic content, we are sure this one is going to be quite unique!

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