Kapi to turn Hen-Man in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

Stay tuned for yet another exciting episode from SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar (Garima Productions).
The upcoming episode will revolve around Kapi (Saraansh Verma) who will be blessed with divine powers from the almighty.
Our sources revealed, Kapi and his kids will go to watch a film ‘Hanu-Man’. It would be a packed theatre with lots of people watching the film. Suddenly, there will be an argument between Kapi and one of the men who will be strong enough to defeat Kapi with his powers.
After the fight, Kapi’s kids Macchar and Makhi would be crestfallen. On returning home they will be narrating the incident to Babuji, who would placate the kids and lull them to sleep.
Macchar will have a vivid dream which would take him back into the film. The audiences will see him standing on one leg and imploring God to grant supernatural powers to his father so that he can emerge victorious in all his fights against his enemies.
Next morning, when everyone will look out for Kapi, they will be amazed to see him flying up above in the sky. His kids will be ecstatic to realise that God had granted their father supernatural powers.
Later, people in nearby locality too would be surprised when they come to know about it and they will then start worshipping him.
Checkout the above picture of Saraansh in his Hen-Man look!

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