Makers plan a grand re-entry of Salil Ankola in Shani

Ever since the popular show Karmphal Data Shani took its much talked about time leap, speculation has been rife whether lead actor Salil Ankola will continue being a part of the show. Bringing the confusion and the conjectures to an end, there is a good news for all Shani fans. Salil Ankola will continue being the part of the show post leap.

Salil Ankola popularly known as Suryadev in Colors show Shani is all set o make a grand entry in the show. The makers are planning a really extraordinary and grand entry of Suryadev post leap making the fans even more excited to see him on the screen.

In the previous episodes, Mahadev introduced Suryadev as the ball of fire, a graphical image of Surya an energy with a human voiceover. Suryadev’s wife Chaya will be seen taking care of ball for 10 years to bring Suryadev back to life. The upcoming tracks will be seen having too much drama in the show with the planet wars and a huge fight between Mahakali and Shani.

The comeback of the popular actor will put the racing heartbeats to rest.

The twist to the show is that Chaya has been given 3 days to bring Suryadev back to life or else he will be destroyed. Who would bring him back?

With time moving fast will Suryadev be back in his human avatar?

If yes, who will be the one to bring him back Shani or Mahakali?

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