Mary Kom gave THESE ‘personal life related’ tips to Priyanka Chopra during the making of her biopic

It takes a lot of effort to play a living legend’s role in a biographical sports film. Bollywood has witnessed many talented artists putting their heart and soul into their prep so that they can do justice to their roles. Speaking about such films, world famous boxer Mary Kom’s biopic, which stars Priyanka Chopra in the lead role, deserves a special mention.

Essaying the character of a person who is the only woman to become World Amateur Boxing champion for a record six times was no mean feat for Priyanka.

But the diva worked hard for the project, and also won hearts of the audience when the film released.

But do you know an interesting part? Well, when Priyanka interacted with Mary Kom, more than boxing the boxer gave her tips as a mother and a wife.

Speaking about the same, in an old interview to a leading daily, Mary Kom had said, “I met Priyanka in Mumbai, much before she came to Manipur, during which time we spoke at length. When she came to Manipur, she knew about boxing so I gave her tips as a mother and a wife, how I went about managing my home and profession, how I live with my family — basically she got to know aspects about my family life.”

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