Maya to kill Samay; to attempt suicide in Beyhadh

Thundering sounds…gripping suspense…yes, it’s time to check out an interesting track on Beyhadh.
Sony Entertainment Television’s most loved daily by Cinevistaas will see an intriguing track coming up.
As readers would know, Samay (Piyush Sahdev) has kidnapped Maya (Jennifer Winget) and is trying her best to torture her.
But coming as her knight in shining armour, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) will make a grand entry and save her.
That’s not the end…wait for more.
Shared a source, “Knowing well that Samay had a past with Maya and his only motive was to kill Saanjh, Arjun will be furious on Maya to have encouraged her. Saanjh will also arrive there and the four will indulge in a tiff.”
That’s when Maya will seek an opportunity and kill Samay.
OMG! Shocked aren’t you.
Arjun though wouldn’t be happy, and he will disown Maya, and ask her to leave him. He will take Saanjh along with him and tell Maya that he doesn’t want to keep any relation with her anymore.
Maya will try her best to stop him, pleading him to stay for their unborn baby’s sake but Arjun will not relent. Left shattered at her love walking away from him, Maya will then decide to end her life.
Will Maya kill herself? What would happen next?

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