Mohena Kumari finally breathes fresh air in Dehradun!

After almost two months of lockdown, don’t we all want to step out of our houses and breathe some fresh air?

Well, there are few lucky people who are located in green and orange zones and have got the opportunity to enjoy nature.

And one of the lucky actresses is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Mohena Kumari Singh who has shifted to Dehradun post her marriage.

On being finally out of the house, excited Mohena wrote, “Hey! So…Dehradun got an Orange Pass & so I got an outdoor pass. Feels good to be out after so long. But at the same time, I won’t forget that even though I may not be grounded anymore by my mother, Earth, but I’m still punished for all the sins me, my brothers and sisters have been committing. We have been hurting our mother and so we have to still remain punished with Masks and sanitisers and distance from one another. It’s time to get out for some, but those few cannot forget the basic precautions we need to take. So even if you guys get out… don’t forget we are all still at risk. Protect yourselves and protect others around you. For those who did Pause & Reflect over why certain things are happening in the world. Don’t forget the knowledge you gathered and the righteous paths you saw or imagined. Try to not go back to being those reckless & selfish humans we all had started to become.”

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