Mumbai monsoon costs Rajiv Thakur’s Jaipur flight

Nothing is more unpredictable than the weather in mumbai. This time it left the funny man Rajiv Thakur in tears. The actor came face to face with a predicament when he had to catch a flight to Jaipur today.
Everyone in Mumbai loves the monsoon. It just makes our part of the city look greener than ever. Everyting just seems to get flushed back to life. The weather is pleasant and romantic and a lot balmier.
Notwithstanding the cool climate, the monsoon also brings with it a level of uneasiness that is hard to put up with. At times, It becomes really difficult to reach somewhere because of the heavy traffic on roads during the incessant showers.
The comedian Rajiv Thakur was the latest person to bear the brunt of the Mumbai monsoon.
Rajeev, who is all set to host food based reality show Cook Studio along with actress Roopal Tyagi was scheduled to board a flight to Jaipur this morning (28th June) to attend an event related to his show but unfortunately, he missed his flight.
It has been raining torrentially in Mumbai since the last two days which is why there is heavy traffic on roads. Rajiv couldn’t reach the airport on time because of rains and traffic and missed his flight. He had to wait for long at the airport to catch the next flight.
We tried reaching out to Rajiv Thakur but his number remained out of reach.
We hope Rajiv can make to the event on time.

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