Must Watch: THIS gripping promo of Sacred Games 2 will leave you wanting for more

Netflix’s Sacred Games went on to earn huge popularity. Now, audience of the series is eagerly waiting for Sacred Games season 2. The trailer of Sacred Games season 2 is already out. Going by the trailer, the second season seems all the more interesting.

It can be said that Sacred Games 2 has shaped up to become a thrilling, engaging show and has kept the audience on the edge of their seat with interesting pre-release content. After introducing Ganesh Gaitonde aka Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s revamped self and his back story in terms of relationship with Jojo, Netflix has shifted focus to Sartaj Singh played by Saif Ali Khan. The platform, after unveiling Sartaj’s first character promo, they have unveiled the second one dedicated to his troubled married life with Megha aka Anupria Goenka.

The second Sartaj Singh promo showcases his desire to reconcile with his estranged wife Megha and meets her up to convince her to come back to him. In the clip, an emotional Sartaj requests Megha to give their relationship another chance. He also expresses his fear of losing her to death but she refuses to pay heed. This video has set the premise of Sartaj’s story in the fresh season and has built the curiosity to find out more about his relationship with her.

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