Nimki Mukhiya fame Bhumika Gurung talks about the WORST YEARS of her life

Bhumika Gurung is a popular actress. She is mainly known for her performance in Nimki Mukhiya.

Her personal life has been in the news ever since she stepped into the industry. Reports of her breaking up and patching up with boyfriend Amit Singh Gosai aka Keith were discussed even more than her work. In an interview with Times Of India, she opened up about her relationship. While things were messed up for the actress at one point, currently, she is in a happy space. “People assumed that I was happy, but only I knew that there was no stability or anything concrete in my relationship. One day we were together and the other day we weren’t. I slipped into a depressive state of mind and it didn’t end on a good note after seven long years,” said Bhumika.

The actress added, “I tried to make things work, but at a point, I understood that one cannot force anyone to stay or behave in a certain way. Accepting the fact that life is better without that one person is difficult.” Rumours about her relationship affecting her adversely constantly swirled around. “I used to see news of my relationship status every other day. One day I was married to him, the other day we had parted ways. I used to wonder why people weren’t taking any interest in my work! I was in a relationship, but I was not in a happy space at all,” said Bhumika.

Now, the actress feels that she has made peace with it and it was all because of her family and friends’ support. “I have a very emotional side to me. My parents and friends were there for me during my low phase. Even the members of my last show Nimki Mukhiya stood like a rock by me when I was going through all this. I think being with the right people makes a lot of difference. It used to disturb me every time something went wrong, but now I am doing much better,” she said.

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