OMG! Saras to REGRET marrying Vansh in ‘Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji’

And things are about to get a lot difficult..

A while ago, we reported about how Vansh and Saras (Swati Kapoor) will elope and get married thus leaving Kanak (Rhea Sharma) in a fix about the whole situation.

That seems to be happening in the upcoming episode as Vansh vows to marry Saras as shown in the precap.

But just when one would think how this is going to be a happy change for Saras, it is only going to get a lot more difficult for the girl and eventually for Kanak too.

Vansh’s plan of revenge will soon get revealed and his fake love for Saras will come to her enlightenment soon. Everybody is aware how Vansh despises Uma Shankar (Avinesh Rekhi) for his sister’s sufferings and as payback, he will marry Saras to get back to Uma for the same.

Saras will come to know about this and will be absolutely shattered followed by immediately regretting her decision to marry Vansh.

How will this problem affect Kanak and Uma’s relationship? Only time will tell..

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