Parth Samthaan in 4 Lions next on &TV

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  1. aliya zain abdullah


  2. Not u… then whoop 😛

  3. Dhanni needs to understand that viplav isnt bad it is his own grandfather who doesnt seem to even ca

  4. Best of luck gayatri hope his majesty hav a good heart towords you & kno that u hav a heart of

  5. mahe mehar maa frm pak 14 yearz

  6. No thanks … Im living the single life for ages

  7. Kinshuk Mahajan is roped in place of Dhruv Bhandari… No match and flop show!!!No wonders TRP crash

  8. Can’t stand it! This girl commented you look gorgeous bae on one of my pics and I had to delete it l

  9. Matee take your hate somewhere else. It’s called socialising, you should try it sometime, then again

  10. Yes this happens to me ! seriously recently it’s been happening alot, this might be weird but yester

  11. I knew he couldn’t have died