Partition: 1947- a true account of final months of British rule in India!

Partition 1947 is an upcoming 2017 film, directed by Gurinder Chadha throws light on Mountbatten’s murky involvement in India’s Partition. The film stars Huma Qureshi and Manish Dayal in the lead roles. This film will also see late veteran actor Om Puri in the role of a blind man. Well, for the same Lady Qureshi and the director, Gurinder, were spotted at a Cafe in Delhi for the promotions of the film. This film, which has been alternatively titled Viceroy House for UK audience, focuses on the events in the final pre-Independence days when Lord Mountbatten was in office.
Huma, on being asked about the uniqueness of the film said, “It’s a very special film for me and it was a great opportunity to work with the much loved and critically acclaimed director Gurinder Chadha. It’s such a beautiful film which she chose to made as it has a very compelling script and shed light on so many uncovered aspects of the partition that were not known to anyone like, the secret documents. One can know about the exact conspiracy behind the partition after watching this film which is our history that we should be aware of.”
Huma then added that, “It’s not an angry film and does not play the blame game. It just tells what really happened. It is an emotional film that tells about the misery of the people who suffered the partition and its pain.”Gurinder on being asked about why she chose Huma, said, “She auditioned like many others but I really liked her as I feel she’s a very intelligent and smart actress. The way she used the props in a very unique way was what I was looking for in an actor and I always felt that she is perfect for period movies. She plays a role of translator in the movie.”
‌Gurinder on being asked about the cast said, “The movie has an international cast. But we paid a great attention while selecting the political leaders as they are well known so it was a great challenge for us to justify their characters with resembling actors.” On being asked about the veteran actor Om Puri she said, “We feel really bad that he is not with us today. He should have been sitting next to us at this moment. But he was very happy with this film because it has been a long time that we have witnessed such true account of the partition after Gandhi. We will also be doing two screenings in his memory with his foundation, one in Mumbai and the other in New York.”
Partition: 1947 will hit the screens on 18 August.

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