Parvati to usurp wealth from Devtaas; Bhagirath to summon Ganga in Mahakali

Swastik Productions’ popular mythological drama Mahakaali that airs on Colors will soon be unfolding some major twists.

In the recent episodes of the show, the viewers have seen how Parvati (Pooja Sharma) took the Annapoorna avatar and eventually got disheartened to see the food getting wasted and hence she decides to leave Kailash.

We hear that, in the upcoming episodes of the series the hunt for Parvati will be on.

Our source informs us, everyone will be worried for Parvati’s whereabouts after she will leave the Kailash. Parvati on the other hand, will reach to the huts of the Chandaal women and offer food to them but their leader will refuse to take anything from Parvati.

Parvati will assure them she is helping them out not because they are low class but because she wants to change the world.

Parvati’s and Kauri-bai’s face-off continues where Parvati says that because you faced inequalities now, I’ll make sure there is balance by taking away abundance from others. Kauri bai would then ask her in sheer disblief, “How?” Parvati would reply with a calm on her face, “when intentions are right, anything can be achieved.”

Eventually, Parvati will take away all the wealth from the Devtaas.

What will the Devtaas do now?

On the other hand Vishnu will now want to wake up Shiva from his Yog Nidra as Bhagirathi will bring down Ganga from the Himalayas. It will not be possible to handle her momentum and Velocity, in order to control her force, Mahadev will let his Jataa loose and will bind her in it and hence her force will be controlled.
We tried reaching out to the actors but they remained busy shooting.

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