Prince Virendra is a taxing role to play: Gaurav Khanna

Actor Gaurav Khanna, who is playing the role of Prince Virendra on the show Prem Ya Paheli-Chandrakanta, says that he has been getting great feedback for the show.
“I am getting an amazing feedback. I have never done a costume drama before and people are simply loving me. Whoever is watching the show, has told me that they are enjoying it. And most of all, I am enjoying playing this character,” he says.
However, preparing for his character was challenging and tricky, says Gaurav. “It was a new thing for me. I had to do rigorous homework and training and completely dedicate my time to this character. I started my training one month prior to the shoot. I used to get new bruises every day while doing an action sequence. But along with that, I got to learn new things,” he says, adding that he is comfortable with it now.
“It takes a lot of time to get ready, from wearing the wig to the costume and makeup. That is really difficult, especially when you have to change costumes in between and rush for the next scene. It takes almost an hour to get ready. It is difficult, but it feels good to get the opportunity to transform yourself as an actor,” he says.
Apart from getting ready and getting the body language right, shooting the entire day in elaborate costumes can be challenging. On this, he comments, “It is a very taxing role. You have to wear the heavy costume the whole day. If you are wearing the wig you cannot lie down. You have to sit all day. But I am used to it now because it has been more than three months.”
Working out every day is a bit of a challenge, but Gaurav has found a way around it. “Sometimes I have to miss it because of the shooting schedule. On such days, I workout on the set itself,” he says.
He has been getting a lot of appreciation for his role from his fans. “Wherever I go, my fans keep telling me that nobody would have played the role better than me. So for me, it is really heartwarming to know that I am doing something like this for the first time and people are loving it. I am really grateful that I have the support system of my fans,” he signs off.

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