Qurbaan Hua: Chahat tells Neil the truth about her mother

Newlyweds Neil and Chahat are constantly at loggerheads. Both are always seen fighting for some or the other reason. Moreover, Chahat is having a hard time settling into Neil’s family.

In the upcoming episode, Neil and Chahat will have a fight again. As per the latest promo, Neil will lose Chahat’s mother’s earring as they both fight about taking down the wind chime. The earring was attached to the wind chime.

Chahat starts crying, and that’s when she tells Neil that her mother died when she was a child. Neil didn’t know that Chahat’s father Mr Baig married for the second time and that the current Mrs Baig is Chahat’s step-mother.

Neil tries to find the earring in the entire room. Meanwhile, Chahat sits and cries. However, she is fooling Neil as the earring is already with her.

Neil feels guilty and apologizes to Chahat’s mother. In the end, Chahat goes to sleep and Neil finds the earring in Chahat’s hand. He gets angry and sleeps.

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