Revealed: Bedroom secrets of Jay Soni and Pooja Shah

We are back to reveal some cute and unknown tidbits of your favourite television couple.

This time we have the most popular and lovey-dovey couple of TV, Jay Soni and Pooja Shah. The romantic duo has recently turned parents. Jay and Pooja are the proud parents to a cute little baby girl.

tellynews got in touch with handsome Jay to unveil few of their bedroom secrets with us. Let’s see what he has to answer to these candid questions.

Which is your favourite side of bed?

Though I wish to occupy the entire bed but with the arrival of new member in the family a little place on bed also means a lot to me these days.

Who makes the morning bed tea?

Our maid makes tea for us so that way we both are sorted.

Who snores?

When I am very tired I tend to snore. In fact, Pooja had once recorded my snoring which I refused to believe.

Ever fought for a blanket?

Always! And then every morning we discuss how we fight for a blanket.

What do you guys prefer – cuddle or kiss?


What are you comfortable wearing in your bedroom – Pyjamas or a sexy lingerie?

Comfortable night wear.

What do you prefer- lights on or off?

Lights off, in fact pitch dark.

Who makes the first move?

Depends who is more angry (wink).

Other than the bedroom, where else do you like to make out?

Since we have maids in house we prefer cuddling up in bedroom itself.

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