Richa Chadha helped me through out intimate scenes for Inside edge: Karan Oberoi

Singer-actor Karan Oberoi, who is part of a web series called Inside Edge, says that his character was very different from what he has played before. The actor had to shoot intimate scenes with his co-actor Richa Chadha and says that this was the first time he filmed such scenes. “This is the first time I have shot intimate scenes. Having only played Mr Goody two shoes in the past, I never got a chance. Also, nobody had ever thought of casting me in a character like this, because of how I am in real life. Now that I have gotten past this, I may be open to doing a full monty if I am convinced it’s being done for the right reasons and not just for shock value,” he says, adding, “Intimate scenes, to be honest, are never easy. Especially when you are barely clothed, almost borderline naked and there are a whole load of people around you waiting to create perfect intimacy on screen, almost as if on cue. Having said that, Richa was a thorough professional about it and made me comfortable enough to breeze through the scenes.”
Karan says that it’s easier to shoot bold scenes because they are more accepted today than before. “We have also changed as a society in the past few years. The younger generation is more open about accepting and acknowledging their sexuality. Which is why intimacy on screen doesn’t shock anymore. It’s considered a normal extension of a expression. Sex is not in the closet anymore,” he says.
The series has been produced by Excel entertainment for Amazon. Talking about his role, Karan says, “It was a challenge for me to be playing a reigning superstar, who has larger than life, scandalous, yet power tripping character with grey shades. He is a charmer in public life but fairly insidious and controlling in private. His frequent run ins with Richa’s character provides a lot of fodder to the series.”

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